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Auto Glass Services
• Windshield Replacement • Back Glass Replacement
• Truck Slider Glass Replacement • Side Window Replacement
• Side and Rear-View Mirror Replacement • Rear Window Replacement
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Auto Glass Replacement services for all of Mid Missouri.

Auto Glass Chip Repair
In many situations, minor windshield damage can be mended before it spreads and requires additional money and time to replace. The “Repair Process” is possible only when the outer layer of the laminated safety glass is damaged and the chip is smaller than a quarter.

Windshield Repair can stop damage from spreading, restore structural integrity to the damaged glass, improve clarity in the damaged area, be environmentally friendly because it extends useful life of the glass, and it saves consumers money over windshield replacement.

Window Tinting
Window Tinting for your Car, The Glasshopper clearly exceeds your expectations with their superior performance. Proper tinting can make your car a lot cooler during hot summer days, thus minimizing air-condition use. In Fact Window Tinting can block 99% of harmful U.V. Rays from the sun that can cause skin cancer. It serves as a sunscreen for one's car to prevent cracking and fading of car upholstery and reduces dangerous Glare from the sun, snow, and other headlights to facilitate safe driving. It also provides enhanced privacy as it keeps contents away from a burglar's view. Occupants of cars are protected in times of accidents as Window Tinting helps shattered glass hold together.

Lifetime Warranty backed by our Manufacturer
Heat Reduction 34% - 66% • 99% U.V.
Safe for Rear Windows, AM/FM, Satellite Radio,
GPS, Security Systems, and Bluetooth

The Glasshopper’s policy: We use OEM parts whenever practical.
(Original Equipment Manufactured Parts)
Quality and fit are more dependable. Only OEM parts ensure that a vehicle can be brought back to pre-accident condition. Some aftermarket parts do not match the tolerance, thickness, and shape of OEM parts; they can have a higher rate of leakage, wind noise, imperfect fit, and optical distortion.

Warranties remain in force. Some features of vehicle manufacturers' warranties may be in jeopardy when aftermarket parts are installed. This is not a worry with OEM parts.

Solar performance is assured with OEM glass. Some aftermarket glass parts do not meet manufacturers' requirements for blocking the sun's heat rays, causing passenger discomfort, degradation of interior surface, and overload of air conditioning systems.